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Bucephalandra Kedagang (4-Pack)


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Package Includes:
Four (4) Bucephalandra Kedegang plants are included.
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The Bucephalandra Kedegang is an undemanding plant that originated in Borneo.

It is an interesting variety of Bucephalandra with long, narrow leaves that are predominantly dark green on top and lighter shades on its undersides, and with distinctive white dots. It is similar to the Buce sp. Red variety in colour. This variety is ideally suited as an accent plant or placed in the foreground. New leaves often have a deep reddish tone, or brownish, and will darken as they mature. When immersed, the leaves may appear with a blue metallic shade that really stands out.

Because it is a rhizome, it should be attached to aquarium décor, such as wood, rocks, etc.

Includes: 4 x Bucephalandra Kedagang plants.

Type Rhizome


Growth Rate Slow
Height 10 - 20+ cm
Light Demand Low
CO2 Demand Low

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