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Ordering Process

To ensure all products are as fresh as possible, we order "on demand" from our suppliers. That is, we take orders for products and then place our orders direct from the manufacturers and/or distributors according to a set schedule. This schedule is as follows:


We place our order for live Tropica Plants every Tuesday. We receive this order the following Wednesday or Thursday. We then fulfill the orders we received for the plants and ship them out that Wednesday and Thursday. In this way, we ALWAYS have fresh stock to ensure you receive the highest quality plants from us.


Our livestock items consists of ornamental shrimp and occasionally some tropical fish varieties. We receive our Tropical Fish from various sources, from global sources in Asia to local qualified breeders and retail outlets who have exceptional attention to detail and quality. All livestock is subject to availability. We place our Livestock orders every Friday and receive the livestock the following Wednesday or Thursday. We evaluate the condition of the livestock to ensure it meets our standards, then fulfill any livestock orders and ship them out.


Again, to ensure high quality stock and low prices, we order direct from suppliers at reduced prices and pass that savings onto you. We place our dry goods orders every Friday and we receive them usually the following Wednesday and Thursday. This allows us to coincide shipping of our live plants as well to fulfill orders.


If an item you ordered is backordered, we will give you a choice of the following options:

  • You may substitute your backordered item for another item of similar value;
  • You may choose store credit;
  • You may request a refund of the value of the backordered product;
  • You may opt to wait for the backordered item to arrive;