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Indian Almond Leaves

Happy Little Shrimp

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Indian Almond Leaves provide an abundance of benefits to your aquarium, and certainly for those with shrimp and betta fish tanks. In addition to helping with lowering and stabilizing PH levels, Indian Almond Leaves release beneficial tannins into the water, as well as possesing antifungal and antibacterial properties.

A further benefit is that these leaves have an inviting surface on which biofilm can grow, which your shrimp will both enjoy and feed on. As the leaf breaks down in the water, the shrimp will consume the leaf itself, leaving only a skeleton of the leaf after a few days. Indian Almond Leaves will not foul your water.

Of note, these leaves are 100% organic and are sourced directly from India. There are no chemicals or pesticides on these leaves.

To use these leaves, simply rinse them in hot water or soak them overnight to help expedite the saturation process. The more soaked they are, the greater chance they will sink when placed into the tank rather than float for a day or two.

Each package contains ten (10) Indian Almond Leaves.