Foreground Plants

Foreground Plants are typically full, healthy plants that work best in the foregound of your aquarium. Often times these can be short to medium growing leafy plants that will add depth to your aquarium as they contrast against a bigger backdrop of larger plants and hardscape. This category also covers carpeting type plants -- plants which grow small and spread to form a lush green carpet under ideal growing conditions.

  • Bacopa Monnieri 'Compact'


    Bacopa Monnieri 'Compact' (4-Pack)

    Bacopa Monnieri 'Compact' is a culture form of the stem plant Bacopa Monnieri, but it is more compact and, under good light conditions, almost a creeping plant. By pinching off all vertical growing shoots, the plant can maintain a low and close growth,...

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  • Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis


    Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (4-Pack)

    Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis from South America can grow very compact, but a carpet or lawn effect' (4-7 cm tall) is only achieved at high light intensity. When planting in the aquarium small clumps (approx. 1/8 pot) should be placed a few centimetres apart...

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