Natural Bee Pollen

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Natural Bee Pollen is effectively intertwined with everything that is living. Shrimp are no exception.

This organic natural bee pollen from Happy Little Shrimp is composed of approximately 25% protein, and is an effective natural cocktail of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fatty acids -- all of which are highly beneficial to your shrimp.

When using this product, keep refrigerated to ensure freshness. It is very rich and should be fed sparingly as part of a varied, healthy nutritional diet. Per the supplier, it is recommended to feed 1 to 2 granules for up to 20 shrimp. You can either let it float on the surface, or you can hold it submerged and lay it gently into a shrimp feeding dish.

Packaged and sold in single 5g bags. Images show two bags side by side for illustration purposes only to show front and back. Product is sold by single bag.