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Ludwigia Palustris

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Ludwigia Palustris is a stunning cosmopolitan stem plant that turns red easier than it's well known relative, the Ludwigia Repens 'Rubin'. It is also smaller than the 'rubin', making it ideal for those want a smaller, yet full, red plant. The stalks will become 2 to 4cm in width and will get between 10 and 30cm tall. It will readily create side shoots. Cutting increases this activity which creates a denser plant. You can take the trimmings that you cut off and replant them as they will quickly generate their own roots.

Of note, while CO2 is not needed, this plant will become intensely red and will grow much better with the addition of  a CO2 supplement along with good lighting.

Type Stem


Growth Rate Medium
Height 10 - 30+ cm
Light Demand Low
CO2 Demand Low