Lobelia Cardinalis


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The beautiful and versatile Lobelia Cardinalis actually grows wild in North America. In the nursery, it's is grown in a "marshy environment" where  it initially forms dark green leaves which are shades of red and purple underneath. Once immersed in the aquarium, the leaves turn a beautiful lighter shade of green with stems that will grow 10 to 30cm tall and 5 to 10cm wide.

Lobelia Cardinalis is widely used in "Dutch Style" aquascaped aquariums to create the effect known as "plant streets". In open aquariums, if allowed to grow, this plant will grow above the water line and form stunning scarlet flowers with the leaves regaining their natural green colours. Of note, this plant can be used effectively in garden ponds as well.

This plant is shipped in a 5cm pot. Each pot can be divided into several portions or individual plants and planted separately.

Type Stem


Growth Rate Medium
Height 20 - 30+ cm
Light Demand Low
CO2 Demand Low

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