Limnophila Sessiliflora

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Limnophila Sessiliflora is a good and undemanding plant from South-East Asia which is a good alternative to Cabomba, which demands a lot of light.

Stems grow fast up to 40 cm long and become 3-4 cm wide. The plant often grows leggy in poor light, but this can be counteracted to some extent by stimulating growth by CO2 addition. Most beautiful when planted in groups. In good growing conditions it sends out runners and spreads across the bottom. Limnophila sessiliflora used to be called Ambulia.

Note: We use this plant successfully in all of our tanks. Fish and shrimp love it. Snip off the top growth and replant the cuttings and you'll have an endless supply. Although classified as a supporting plant, we have often planted it in groups in the back and it has created a wonderful background that reaches the surface and spreads across the top.

Type Stem


Growth Rate High
Height 15 - 30+ cm
Light Demand Low
CO2 Demand Low