Drip Acclimation Kit

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When adding new shrimp to your tank, there is no better method (our opinion) than drip acclimation. This process involves the slow, steady, drip of water from your aquarium into a bucket that contains your new shrimp. In doing so, shrimp are not shocked by a new environment, temperature, and water chemistry by simply floating the bag and dumping them into the tank. Certainly, drip acclimating will help improve shrimp survival rates after their long trip to your home in a shipping container.

The Drip Acclimation Kit we carry here is provided by Happy Little Shrimp. We've used this kit, as well as those from other suppliers, and were impressed by how well this one works. It is both affordable, and reliable, and one of the best we've tried.

Each kit contains: One 4-foot length of airline tubing, affixed with a quality air stone on one and a drip control valve on the other.