Cholla Wood

Happy Little Shrimp

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Cholla Wood is actually the dried husk of the cholla cactus. It is 100% natural, pesticide free and safe for your aquarium.

Beyond aesthetically pleasing, cholla wood is benefical in your shrimp aquarium. It releases tannins into the water and it grows a biofilm, both of which are beneficial to the health of your shrimp.

Ornamental shrimp enjoy crawling on it as well as exploring and hiding in it's numerous crevices.

Please note, Cholla Wood is a softwood and, as such, will break down over time and need to be replaced. However, it is s slow process and usually will last several months before needing to be replaced.

It is advisable to boil your cholla wood to release any excess tannins and to help it get waterlogged. Even after boiling, it may take a day or so for the wood to sink. Please be sure to allow the wood to cool down after boiling before placing into the aquarium.

Sold in single 6" (15cm) lengths.