Anubias Barteri var. Barteri


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Anubias barteri var. bateri is an undemanding aquatic plant from Western Africa. It is larger than the smaller anubias varieties, such as nana, but grows with the same ease and in the same conditions. This plant can reach heights of 25 to 45cm tall and has a large, creeping rhizome of 10 to 15cm, or larger.

As is the case with all anubias varieties, it is best planted in shady areas to minimize algae growth on its broad leaves. And, of course, the rhizome should never be fully planted. Ideally, anubias plants are well suited for attaching to rocks and wood.

This is a potted plant in a 5cm Pot.

Type Rhizome


Growth Rate Slow
Height 20 - 30+ cm
Light Demand Low
CO2 Demand Low